How to use Sermon Media Player
You can listen to an episode (sermon) by either clicking on the box or the microphone icon for the sermon you wish to hear. Information about the selected episode can be displayed by clicking on the "i" in the upper right corner of the box. Sermon notes are available by clicking the pdf symbol to the right of the microphone icon. One can also sort or search episodes by using the search box at the lower right corner and the sort option to the left of the search box.
How do I select a sermon to play?
Browse thru the episodes by using the vertical scroll bar on the right, or find episodes in the search box using keywords (like Matthew, judging, etc.) You may also sort thru episodes by speaker, scripture, missionary, etc. by using the sort option next to the search box in the lower right corner.
How can I download a sermon?
After selecting the episode you wish to hear, you can download the episode by clicking on the Media Menu on the left side episode display (on the Now Playing tab) and selecting "download audio". You can also set up an RSS feed which will download automatically the latest episodes by selecting the Menu button on the upper right hand corner and clicking on "Subscribe".