Community Bible Church Staff

Pastor Joe Jordan

It was at an early age that Joe Jordan showed promise as a budding evangleist. He was discovered by Pastor Bubba Lee Jones after Pastor Jones found the then 7 year old Joe handing out brochures on dental hygiene to people of Alabama. Bubba tutored the young lad about the wonderful saving grace of Jesus Christ and it was like turning a tornado loose in a trailer park. There was no holding back this young man from his future vocation. He met his future wife Beverly in High School. Joe was demonstrating how to rewire a fan in shop class and Beverly, trying to be helpful, plugged the partially wired fan into a 110 outlet. Sparks flew and the rest was history! After college and a career in the Air Force as a navigator telling B-52 pilots where to go, Joe resumed his passion for evangelism. He traveled to the deepest, darkest jungles of Augusta, Montana to teach the natives of the region about Jesus. Little did he realize that soon he would be called to the greatest challege of his life, pastoring a flock of believers in the town of Fort Benton. He found the locals charming and marveled how they spoke a unique language that he later found out was english. Joe Jordan has been a positive influence for the town, teaching and encouraging each person to live their lives for Jesus Christ!




Secretary/Treasurer Jackie Fultz

The only Montana native on the CBC staff, Jackie Fultz is a three-time winner of the coveted "Sweetheart of the Valley" award. Jackie is responsible for all of the financial and clerical work for Community Bible Church. She also makes sure that all of the volunteers from Sunday School teachers to Youth Group cookies makers know when and where to be of service. She also teaches Sunday School. And just when you think she couldn't do any more, Jackie goes home and works full time keeping husband Tom and the cows in line. A hugh job!

CBC Elders

left to right:

Pastor Joe Jordan

Greg McGinnis

Kerry Upham

Dave Haugen